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  1. Another review, are you excited?

    This one was way different from the other Xi games, but some little things were the same. You only have one weapon, one spell, and that’s it. The difference in this is that you can charge your attack to launch stronger ones. The spell is a healing one. When you level up you have 4 options, which I don’t know what they are, to increase. One of the biggest things that put this one away from the others Xi games, is that their is a goal, to reach point A to point B. Unfortunately, there is no reward, except for the knowledge that you finished the game. There is no town or shops, you can find better weapons and armor along the way. Another one is that, it has animated scenes, the bad thing about it is that, it’s just the character getting swallowed by a monster, and her losing some clothing, that’s it.

    Overall: 7/10 Although there were some changes, the cg scenes were sucky and the game was not that long.

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