1. i noticed the bars for: attack power, special attack power, defense and magic power. once full does that mean they are at their ‘cap’ or do the stats keep increasing as i kill shit? i havent left the first floor yet and filled the bars was wondering if i should specifically get those stats up or just go farm the large +hp/mp boosts?

  2. When I try to play it get a error message with everything in japaneseoth then krdevui.dll in the middle do i need to reinstall or something?

  3. cant get the install.bat to run for some reason and command prompt wont run kikiriki.exe -i data.xp3 -o data. need help!

  4. just checked it again. the game works just fine. you need to go through the self help section before asking for help because it will solve the problem 99% of the time.

  5. I possibly have the same problem. When i double click on the exe, it throws an error and i believe it means it cannot open the exe. Also when i double click the bat file in the patch it says it cannot open it (i am sure of that because it says it in english). I have already put japanese locale. I even tried to use app locale (although when i ran it it told me it wasnt needed). Anyway do you have any idea what to do please?

  6. To answer the Questions above, you need the Japanese vision of RPG Makers, Not sure why but once it worked for me.

    Question: Is this one in English or does it come with the English patch. I already have both but I can’t get them to work work.

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