1. Changed to japanese, extracted the game, still getting error message. Someone wrote in the comments to run the game before patching it to english but I don’t see any change running it befora and after the patch. Something about the exe seems to be the problem.

  2. Everything seems to work fine until I delete the data.xp3 file. Then I get all the errors that come up when running while not in Japanese mode. Anyone know whats up with this?

  3. I already download the game and when I open the installer with applocale it just . . . . Well, not the common installing wizard that appear. Someone care to tell me how to install the game step by step?

  4. Violated Hero 2 : it would have saved me a lot of time if sombody might have said
    to start the game befor you run the English patch install.. 1st. switch to japanese

  5. i will try aggin later , coz this few days i not much time to play games ..thx for your Opinion << sorry my english still in poor level..maybe some word spelling is wrong…

  6. This should be something they teach you in high-school… you want to play Japanese hentai games, learn to how to switch the systems preferences to Japanese and look up basic of file sharing.

    Not that hard.

  7. Having problems launching this game
    launched with applocate and getting some ansi / unicode error

    i guess thats a common problem but how to fix it ?

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