1. It’d be nice if this game was translated.
    If all of Empress’s work was translated.
    ..If a lot of Visual Novels were translated.

          1. The save game isnt working, says it is broken/ empty cant be extracted.
            The game itself aint working aswell, it shows up an error which was posted down below

  2. cant play to the game. i burn and mount the image and installed the game. I get an error when i launch the game. Can u help me please?

      1. Title on Error : STARLESS 21st Century nymphomaniacs.
        Content : [Error sign] Ffopen : [email protected]<["w…Ü,[sign for micro i believe],[replacing the circles in % with 1,2 = 1/2 but in 1 space instead of 3]

        Need more? (occurs after starting the program after installing.)

  3. The game doesen’t run with a program it is a program. Refer to “Mount an image using Daemon tools” and “self help checklist” right there on the upper right hand corner of this websites homepage.

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