Sisters – The Last Day Of Summer

February 13, 2012

Sisters – The Last Day Of Summer
Sisters ~夏の最後の日~

Sisters – The Last Day Of Summer.torrent


  1. Cigan says:

    pls seed…stuck at 96%…plzzz…

  2. ee129 says:

    why does the text show up on the setup window all question marks???

    I do able to get through the setup prompt (there are some error in the middle, but I skipped them)
    , However, when I start the game, it stay black after I clicked “New game”

  3. kedun says:

    what this is any other links.

  4. Miralukan says:

    if i download the game. will it be censored like all the videos?

  5. lucky13 says:

    so, i was installing this game end then i got error saying it doesn’t have authorization to install .exe file, retry doesn’t work and when i choose to ignore, it will install whole game, only starting .exe is missing so i cant start this game.
    I tried with apploce and without as administrator and as not no change >_>…

    can u pls post .exe or advice me? installing it on win 7.

  6. JWoo says:

    Is there by any chance a walkthrough or guide for those who dont understand japanese?

  7. bhoe19 says:

    where to get the patch file to make this english? :((

  8. juster says:

    need to burn a cd ??

  9. cymuz says:

    in other words,use DAEMON tools???

  10. bhoe19 says:

    How to install this game? I really want to play this game. Could someone give me pls a advice? I’d really appreciate it.

    • admin says:

      i thought i had instructions on the site. I’ll make some general instructions this weekend.

      you pretty much decompress the file, mount the file, install the game

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