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    or mushroomsm idotn knoow my hardcoree hand has diedd loooll so its misinng ifell ikek a corpusee zombiei etcc
    and thisi worlld is it that reall as it lookdsl ikke who created us jesus crist

  2. Hi, ty for uploading this game
    This game works fine for me
    I have a problem, I’ve tried to use translator programs (Translator Aggregator and ATLAS) but somehow both of them keep translating [Puri-zu] [re] * [pu] [mi-].
    Can someone help me?

  3. I am also unable to complete my download. Is there a particular way to download the torrent file and recheck? please help. stuck at 99.4%. I use qBittorrent. Thanks

  4. Hey bro, I tried the torrent and the magnet here, still its stuck in 98% although the one in the piratebay.se is stuck in 99%. Help it out man otherwise I would loose my trust on you and never download anything by name of hshare.

  5. Thanks! Do you know if the Please Rape Me! Sofmap Special Contents Disc comes with the boxed version? I really want that music in lossless…

  6. Do not try and download this game via the torrent links because it does not work. No one is seeding the game so you only get as far as 99.3% completition. There are no other links for the game therefore it’s unplayable. Do not bother with this game, you will never get it to work.

  7. Thanks for the game Admin.Is all game here are translated to English,or i have to use the translator?Also what’s the CG set & save file for,can u please clear these out?
    Thanks again

    1. they are all japanese and a rare few have english patches. You have to use a translator or learn japanese. CG sets are for people who just want the pictures of the games. the save file is to have access to the in game gallery.

  8. I’m getting some kind of error when trying to install. At first I dowloaded it from Pirate Bay, it didn’t work and then I downloaded it from here and it doesn’t work again. The error is somethig like “(weird text)[G:\data\(some weird text here, presumably Japanese font which I don’t have).exe] (more weird text).

  9. guys i have downloaded the game and when i install it i get some kind of error on of the lest files of the install anyone got any ideas ?

  10. when I installed this, there was an error at the end of the installation, I tried using applocale but still no good

  11. i have download it, so what next. please help me, i’m stuck right here, it is hard to understand japanese, so can you give me the instruction to play the game

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