Oni Chichi 2

Oni Chichi 2 [H-GAME]
(18禁ゲーム) 鬼父2
Demon Father 2 / Oni Chi Chi 2

Oni Chichi 2

Direct Download
[OnlyHentaiGames.com].Oni.Chichi.2.part1.rar (450 MB)
[OnlyHentaiGames.com].Oni.Chichi.2.part2.rar (450 MB)
[OnlyHentaiGames.com].Oni.Chichi.2.part3.rar (363.63 MB)

[OnlyHentaiGames.com].Oni.Chichi.2.[GAME.SAVE].rar (29.65 KB)

DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
[OnlyHentaiGames.com].Oni.Chichi.2.[DEMO].mp4 (25.57 MB)



8 thoughts on “Oni Chichi 2

          1. i dont know what happened i just couldn’t get to the site but after a while i got to it….. but now have a question hope u can help me, when going through the game i think that the echi parts are censored cause i see dialog on a black screen, am i missing something or that’s how it should be?

          2. yeah, that’s normal. the character might have closed his eyes or turned off the lights or got his head covered. I’m sure it’s something along those lines.

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