Mouryou no Nie

November 23, 2012

Mouryou no Nie [H-GAME]
(18禁ゲーム) 魍魎の贄

Mouryou no Nie

Direct Download
[] (800 MB)
[] (800 MB)
[] (787.81 MB)

NO DVD PATCH (NEEDED to run the game but I already included with the game)
[][NO.DVD.PATCH].rar (19.20 KB)

[][GAME.SAVE].rar (4.74 KB)

DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
[][DEMO].mp4 (24.87 MB)

Mouryou no Nie WALKTHROUGH


  1. Help Me says:

    A while back, onlyhentaigames got taken down, and now when I came back, the download links for this game doesn’t work. Please help!

  2. Taldarioran says:

    as fabricio i can’t play even though i can go on the main menu, what can i do to fix that?

  3. fabricio.c says:

    Algo extraño sucede. El juego se instala, lgro ver la intrducción y el menú, pero cuando presiono para jugar aparece: “C,system dejó de funcionar”

  4. DullahanEX says:

    Alright I’m about to tear my hair in frustration here. I know this game can’t be played overseas without a special patch which I do have. The problem is despite looking up and following instructions to get the game running it is not working. Either the procedures seem to be missing something or I am.

    I’ve mounted the game and set it up properly with Daemon Tools, but all I got from that was games files which I where I put No DVD Patch.

    Is this the right place? I don’t see an “install folder”.

  5. VBanzai says:

    I have a question, how does the the no dvd patch work for this game?
    what do you have to do with it?

    • Dizzy says:

      You put the file(s) in the game’s install folder and run the patch to install

      • VBanzai says:

        when you say install folder do you mean the folder that you can open when you mount the mouryou.mds file with the Daemon tools?
        If so i treid putting the files in there, but it says that the folder doesnt have any more room left. so i cant put the folders in there. 🙁

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