Mouryou no Nie

Mouryou no Nie [H-GAME]
(18禁ゲーム) 魍魎の贄

Mouryou no Nie

Direct Download
[] (800 MB)
[] (800 MB)
[] (787.81 MB)

NO DVD PATCH (NEEDED to run the game but I already included with the game)
[][NO.DVD.PATCH].rar (19.20 KB)

[][GAME.SAVE].rar (4.74 KB)

DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
[][DEMO].mp4 (24.87 MB)

Mouryou no Nie WALKTHROUGH


  1. A while back, onlyhentaigames got taken down, and now when I came back, the download links for this game doesn’t work. Please help!

  2. Algo extraño sucede. El juego se instala, lgro ver la intrducción y el menú, pero cuando presiono para jugar aparece: “C,system dejó de funcionar”

  3. Alright I’m about to tear my hair in frustration here. I know this game can’t be played overseas without a special patch which I do have. The problem is despite looking up and following instructions to get the game running it is not working. Either the procedures seem to be missing something or I am.

    I’ve mounted the game and set it up properly with Daemon Tools, but all I got from that was games files which I where I put No DVD Patch.

    Is this the right place? I don’t see an “install folder”.

      1. when you say install folder do you mean the folder that you can open when you mount the mouryou.mds file with the Daemon tools?
        If so i treid putting the files in there, but it says that the folder doesnt have any more room left. so i cant put the folders in there. 🙁

        1. I mean the folder that is created after you install the game. (usually it is created in your “Program Files” folder by default and is usually named whatever the company name is. In this case TinkerBell. Go inside and find the game’s install folder in there)

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