1. WHy use sites that slows down our dl speed? Why not use MEGA/Zippyshare/Mediafire sites and just add adf.ly or anything similar to that. I said this because my max internet speed is already slow, it would take 2 days to even download an 81.31Mb file

    1. Maybe the speed could be due to your location. That 81 Meg file should only take 20 to 30 minutes on a non premium account.

  2. I don’t get the main purposue of the game. It’s a shooter metroid-game and it’s pretty good for one. To be honest you could cut the sex parts entirey (as far as I’ve gone) and remove nothing of essence from the game.

          1. Around $6, it all depends on what the yen and USD rates are at the time.

            However, DLsite essentially steals money from English developer’s profit’s by using an incorrect yen exchange rate under the guise of what they call a “buffer”, so I prefer to sell through my blog as much as possible.

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