Premium Play Darkness

[ILLUSION] Premium Play Darkness

[ILLUSION] Premium Play Darkness [H GAME]
(18禁ゲーム) [ILLUSION] プレミアムプレイ~ダークネス~

[ILLUSION] Premium Play Darkness

Premium Play Darkness HF Patch0.9.exe (273.97 MB)
Official: Premium Plus & Studio 1.4 (DLC1-3) + Preorder Bonus (yoyaku) by Illusion
English User Interface v1r05 by genobee , RickMontana , Zephyred & Itkatsu (Sogekihei)
Premium Play Launcher 1.4d by enter75 New!
Premium Play Studio Launcher 1.4c by Shireece
Studio Drop Down Lists by Wong2005 with updated item lists suggested by Guff
Preset Names Translation by genobee
Machine Translation V0.1 by Rorinator
Full Uncensor v0.2 by 777Maliwei (has a few issues still)
Vibrator Uncensor 1.1 by genobee
Windowed Fullscreen by enter75
Illusion Wizzard for PPD by darkhound (with by lds718 )




  1. Hi DeathMarine, just wanna know will you reupload this game? I mean using direct download like sexy beach.
    cause there’s no one seeding it anymore.
    thanks before

  2. Hi !
    I’ve a probleme with this game, when i try to start this game a text box with japanese word pop … so I don’t know why but if someone can help me ?

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