Wakeari Cosplay and XXX Motion Addon.7z (35.51 MB)

Wakeari HF Patch.exe (84.65 MB)
Wakeari HF Patch version 1.0 includes:
Official: Wakeari Clothing Pack (XMAS) (wakeari_02_xmas.exe) by Illusion
English Interface v1.6 by tsenre with help from Carwarr, bok141, pino, sggoggles, wavzor, brad175
Partial Story Translation v17 by azurath01, wiggy fuzz (here) and woeiwoei Updated!
Partial Story Translation 20111126 by joethebeast New!
Partial Story Translation 20111214 by zarrbon77 New!
Machine Story Translation 13-02-12 by optoron New!
English Launcher for XMAS by Cyber Hunter
Full Uncensor by 777Maliwei (2D pubic hair version)
Save Files With Several Milestones by Darziel



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